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Article: Athletes Story — Per Frimann

Athletes Story — Per Frimann

Athletes Story — Per Frimann

Meet Per Frimann — one of our favourite athletes. Per Frimann was a professionel football player and a member of the Danish national team during the eighties. A Danish national team which played attacking football with immense creativity. Per also played for the succesfull Anderlecht team which reached two UEFA Cup finals and two Champions League semifinals. He ended his career because of injuries, but later worked for the European Commission in Brussels, the Danish Olympic Committee and as a Sports director. He has been a football commentator and TV pundit for 25 years.

"Football is the the most fantastic and difficult sport in the world. Tennis comes second. My own football career was cut short by injuries, but tennis was a new fascinating passion. In a childish way it still gives me the right to dream. I never cross the white lines of a tennis court without believing that I can play the perfect game, with the forehand of Björn Borg or the volley of a young McEnroe. It is a little funny, because the experience of never succeeding the perfect game is obvious, but it feels great. My tennis club Hellerup Idræts Klub owns 4 clay courts in the Hellerup harbour. On a Sunday morning those courts are the best place to be ind the world. The smell of the sea, the sight of the boats, the sound of hitting the ball and the seagulls commentating your game.

And then the forehand of Borg…"