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Article: Athletes Story - Nicklas Mølholm

Athletes Story - Nicklas Mølholm

Athletes Story - Nicklas Mølholm


Meet Nicklas Mølholm. Nicklas is 20 years old and has a dream to become a professional golf player. Nicklas is from Denmark and started playing golf when he was 2 years old together with his father. Nicklas´s father was not a pro, but became Danish Champion and number 7 in the European Championship in the ninetees. Nicklas´s father taught him to play golf until he was 8 years old. The first golf tournament Nicklas played at 11 years went well and he won most of what he entered. It made him dream about going pro someday. When Nicklas was 16 he dropped out of high school to persue his dream to become a pro.

Nicklas also joined Danish Junior Golf Academy and got his first pro trainer. Nicklas improved his game a lot and won his first Danish tournament and has now won 3 Danish WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranglists) tournaments. When Nicklas was 18 years he hit an impressive 369,5 meter. “Today I only play golf and work parttime as a greenkeeper. I work from 06.00-11.00 am as a greenkeeper to pay the bills. I expect to live my life like this for a few more years and then I hope to become a pro. My goal is to reach a level, so that I can get the right invites to the right tournaments.

My goal is to become top 5 in the ranglist on the Ecco tour after 1 year. And then move on to The Challenge Tour. The economy is a challenge when trying to go pro. If I win 1 tournament in Ecco I win 50.000 DKK. If I become top 5 on the Ecco tour I can make about 300.000 DKK in the first price over a year. It helps a lot because my expenses to be a pro each year is around 200.000 DKK.

I am up against around 80 players each time I play a tournament. The road is long to this but my dream is solid. There is no doubt in my body that this Is how I want to live my life. The last few weeks I played more than 8 hours each day. A normal week I train every weekday. And play tournaments both Saturday and Sundays. A Saturday are often 12 hours of golfing. I tee out at 8.00 am and finish at 8.00 pm. I easily reach 15 km of walking and easily burn 6.000-8.000 kcals. I know the road to become a pro is so long, but I need to try and live my dream".