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Article: Athletes Story — Alex Loughlan

Athletes Story — Alex Loughlan

Athletes Story — Alex Loughlan


Meet Alex Loughlan. Born and raised in Cambridge in Great Britain by parents who were former elite swimmer and judo athletes. Alex has been playing and coaching tennis at the highest level throughout his youth and also has played football in the Danish Second Division for Akademisk Boldklub.

"My parents taught me and my 2 sisters to practice many sports due to the benefits of cross sport abilities. I have had the benefit of the quick footwork and hand eye coordination from learning both football and tennis in my youth. One of my sisters competed in elite rowing whilst the other played tennis competing at the international level representing Great Britain, and at Wimbledon".

"In January 2022 I started working as a Padel coach for MoveYourGame in Copenhagen, which is owned by Marc Møller, one of the best players and padel trainers in Denmark. I also started competing regularly in Danish tournaments at the beginning of September 2022. I quickly realised that my tennis background gave me a good foundation to develop my skills further. Padel fascinates as the walls bring a whole new dynamic to the tennis game I am used to. I am currently training with some of the best players in the country such as Oscar Sebber Gormsen and Marc Møller who are both part of the Danish National Team. We play for Racket Club Elite and have recently just won the Danish National Team Championships. One of my favorite padel training partners right now is Oscar Sebber Gormsen. I love his work ethic on the court and his energy. I now compete at the highest level of competitions in Denmark and am looking to try to compete internationally in the near future".

In May this year Alex Loughlan was selected to be a part of the Great Britain National Squad, with hopes of representing GB at the European Championships later this year. He will be travelling to England and Spain for training camps to further develop his skills.